Elías Larsen

I’m an economist, branding expert, and accomplished problem solver passionate about strategic leadership, innovation and business growth.

Head of Growth at brandr Index

Driven by curiosity: Exploring the World of Business.

Dive into my collection of articles where I share my thoughts and insights from industry leaders on various topics related to business, innovations, and leadership strategies.


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Current Work Experience

I’m Head of Growth at brandr Index, a comprehensive marketing research tool that empowers executives, managers, and marketers to gain valuable insights into brand positioning and strength.

Our report offers a holistic view of key brand attributes that are crucial to consumers, enabling businesses to identify areas for improvement and set strategic goals.

We always have our eyes open to partnering up with leading individuals to sell our product in their local market – are you one of them?

At brandr, our Icelandic branding agency, we offer services that include brand assessments, strategic positioning, and tailored rebranding. Additionally, we host the prestigious annual Best Icelandic Brands Awards, celebrating brands that have achieved remarkable success and market impact.

I wear numerous hats, including conducting workshops, inbound and outbound marketing, developing sales strategies, financial planning, engaging in R&D and product development, and producing on-site and online events. I also oversee the management of the Best Icelandic Brands Awards.

CHARGE is the leading event for energy companies and forward-thinking marketing professionals who seek knowledge, inspiration, and the network to transform a commodity into a brand.

Our mission is to help energy companies elevate their branding to achieve real commercial growth. 

At CHARGE, my main responsibilities include marketing, social media, website management, and strategic planning.

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About Elías Larsen

What I do

I’m head of growth at brandr Index, focusing on developing strategic relationships that foster trust, reliability, and shared success. My role centers on connecting with forward-thinking partners worldwide to introduce innovative branding solutions across diverse markets.

How I Do It

My background in strategic business development and leadership drives my approach to growing brandr Index’s reach. I believe in a hands-on approach, crafting relationships that are as reliable as they are dynamic, ensuring every collaboration is both beneficial and enduring.

My Mission

As a young, ambitious professional, I actively seek challenges that enhance my skills and push the boundaries of what we can achieve in business strategy and development. My approach is always to inspire growth and operational efficiency through innovative practices.

Guiding Principles

I am deeply passionate about developing strategic approaches that not only accelerate the growth of startups but also enhance the scalability of established firms. 

Leadership, to me, means having a clear vision and the practical skills to implement effective strategies that align with the dynamic needs of the market.



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